Thursday, November 23, 2006

Tuesday 21st November


This waiting for a weather window is getting a bit monotonous. At least I managed to do all the laundry today, it was an excuse to leave Gerry on the boat where he was “fixing” the forward toilet pump handle which had developed a leak. After taking it all apart and attempting to band aid it we decided to hunt out a marine parts store and see if we could buy a new replacement part. Luckily for us there was a Hopkins and Carter store within easy walking distance and even better – they had the part we needed in stock! Of course we didn’t limit our spending to just what we needed we had to buy a few other “essential” bits as well. I’m glad to say that the toilet is now back in working order.
One other thing requiring attention was the wind generator, Gerry thought it was making an odd noise so he took it apart and we all know what happens when you go looking for trouble. One of the 3 blades had a crack in it, a few phone calls found a spare set of blades in a local suppliers and parting with a few more dollars had them couriered to us at the marina. Another successful day of fixing stuff!



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