Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday 10th November

Fort Pierce, Florida.
27.28.050 N
80.19.635 W
Well today has been a mixed bag of success. Gerry has managed to fix ( we hope) the generator problem by adding a small pump to the fuel intake line - it seems to be working OK now, lets just hope it stays that way when we take off again.
On the other hand the jib is a problem, the riggers came this morning to assess the problem and they will be back on Monday morning - hopefully to fix it.
I did boring stuff like laundry and cleaning the cockpit this morning whilst Gerry did his "fixing stuff".
Then this afternoon Gerry had to go up the mast again to drop a new halyard through it, luckily for me Bob ( Sundancer) was here and did the honours of hoisting Gerry aloft - thanks Bob, I know how hard it is!
We have debated whether or not to go out to anchor for the weekend and then come back into the dock on Monday. As this weekend is Veterans day and there is an air show on just down the road from us we suspect that the intercoastal anchorage will be busy with boats speeding past and causing us to rock around uncontrollably. The marina wins - we will be staying here for the next few days and enjoying Hollywood showers and lots of rum.
Gerry has just come in from cleaning the decks so it's time to sign off and enjoy some rum thingies and pre dinner nibblies.



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