Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday 13th November

Fort Pierce
Own up, how many of you are sick of seeing Fort Pierce as the heading - well if you aren't we definately are. As to be expected on the 13th of the month, the planets aligned to destroy any plans we had for leaving here today. We were told the riggers would be here between 9 and 10 this morning. They didn't lie so much as twist the truth - the riggers were certainly here - on someone else's boat!! There were 2 boats needing "things" ahead of us. By 15.30hrs Gerry ( ever the patient one) had had enough of "hurrying up and wait" and went to find out when the riggers would get to us - tomorrow as it turns out!
So I guess it was a wasted day in some ways but hell - the deck has never looked so shiney. Gerry amused himself by doing stuff that no one will ever notice and I lazed around reading my book. We did take time out to walk to the supermarket, cook dinner and stagger to the bar for just one drink. I guess it will be an early night tonight as we need all the beauty sleep we can get, and we need to be up at dawn "incase the riggers arrive early" ha ha ha. Fingers crossed for tomorrow, a quick fixing of the rigging and then a favourable tide for us to be able to get out of the Marina and on with the trip.



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