Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday 12th November

Fort Pierce

Another day of waiting - it's so hard to do when we really just want to be on our way, especially as our travelling companions on Sundancer are on their way south towards Miami where we will eventually catch up with them. More cleaning and polishing has been on the agenda today along with re-housing some of our canned foods. I made the mistake of opening the freezer and finding that a bag of chicken breasts had defrosted, this meant I had to do something with them so out came the cooking pots and I now have enough chicken and broccoli a la king to feed us for the next couple of days. I did vacuum bag it so we will have that as a meal when we are under way and can't be bothered cooking anything else. We have also finally managed to do an inventory list of all the cans and packets of food we have on board, I now know what I need to stock up on when we reach Miami. Just for the fun of it I've vacuum bagged flour, washing powder, desert mixes, dried fruit, rice snacks and toilet rolls (not as many as Lorie did!!!) all into individual portion sizes ( no not the toilet rolls - those are one or two rolls to a pack) in the hope that we will be able to monitor and manage our stores. Of course we are rapidly running out of chocolate chip cookies - thank goodness there is a publix supermarket nearby! I'm sure Bob and Karen will be shocked to hear that the inside of the boat is all neat and tidied away - we took a picture to prove it - see above! ( it's also to show those who haven't seen our boat what the interior of the salon is like.) Fabric Floozies take note the pin dolls are on the column in the left hand picture - you are all with us!
If you are reading this blog, let me know what else you'd like me to include and I'll do my best, obviously I can only update it when I have an internet connection so if there is a gap you have to be patient.



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