Sunday, November 12, 2006

Saturday 11th November

Fort Pierce
As we are stuck here in the marina until we have the jib problem sorted out we have been keeping busy with the mundane things in life. We are being kept company in the slip by a couple of pelicans who seem to have made the poles next to our slip their home, they are amazing to watch as they land and almost overbalance then tuck their bodies up and sleep on a place no bigger than a dinner plate. We have also been aware of a clicking sound coming from below the keel since being in the marina,our conclusion is that it must be the crabs in the water trying to munch their way through our hull. Of course this has yet to be proven correct!
Gerry has done a good job of cleaning the decks and canvas - much needed as everything was covered in salt water from our trip to this point. To ensure that the riggers have enough room to carry out the work required to the jib furling system we have moved the dingy off the bow and it is now floating alongside us in the slip, we will have to take the jib off the furler before they come, a job we are leaving until there isn't a breath of wind which would make taking it down hard. I cleaned out the stern lockers as they had taken on some sea water, dried out everything and then repacked them, after that I was directed to a below decks job - varnishing the newly completed cabinetry. Once I'd completed the first coat I decided to catch up on my reading until dinner time.
Mid afternoon we waved goodbye to Sundancer, Bob and Kathy had finished installing their new radar and were heading out of the marina. We had a call later to say they were anchoring just outside and would be doing the trip to Miami in short hops over the next few days, we wish you a pleasant trip and the first one to Miami buys the drinks!!!!! (Guess that will be you).
We spent the evening in the marina lounge watching some TV and enjoying being off the boat where the varnish fumes were somewhat overwhelming.



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