Thursday, November 23, 2006

Friday 17th November


First thing today Bob and Kathy (Sundancer) decided to leave the marina to see if there was a place where they could anchor out until there is a break in the weather which will allow them to head off farther south into the Keys. After waving them off we decided to do a little grocery shopping at the local Fresh Market which is just a couple of blocks away from the marina. After a very easy walk there we filled just one basket, which was very difficult as I’m sure that anyone who has ever been to the Fresh Market would appreciate – it is full of all those wonderful things that you can’t find any place else. Gerry had to keep control of both the basket and me as I oh’d and ah’d my way around the shelves. I have to add that he gave in to buying a couple of their filets – which will feed us for 2 meals, they are so huge. Our one basket cost us $126 so you can see why we restricted ourselves a bit. We crammed everything into 2 backpacks and 2 carry bags and strolled back to the boat. After a couple of calls from Sundancer we decided to join them at a spot that they had found to anchor. We had a leisurely lunch then stowed everything away and prepared the boat to leave. The “check out” time was 1500hrs so we had plenty of time to gather in our lines and leave the dock. Our first stop on the way out was the fuel dock, we replaced the fuel we had used in getting to this point, topped up our extra Jerry cans and the dink fuel can and headed out into the intra coastal water way. There was a large fleet of “star class” sail boats from all over the world out on the water obviously competing in a race; we kept well clear of them – unlike Bob, who later told us that he got abused by one of them for getting in the way. The wind was just off the beam so it was perfect for putting up the sails and giving them an airing, we zipped along doing a pleasant 5-6 knots for a short while and then had to furl the sails away to go under the Rickenbacker Causeway. We watched a couple of micro light sea planes doing scenic flights around the place; I swear they could turn on a dime. At the Rickenbacker Causeway we turned immediately to starboard and followed the path taken by Sundancer, into what used to be a marine park, we anchored there, broke out the rum and watched the sun set over the city of Miami – quite a spectacular view with the high rise buildings all lit up. Just as the light faded an air ship floated past, I tried to get a photo of it against the skyline but unfortunately it was too dark and didn’t show up. We headed off to bed only to be kept awake for hours by the noise coming from what we think was a party on the shore – it was the worst monotonous droning sound imaginable and very loud, it stopped at about 04.30hrs and we finally got to sleep.



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