Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thursday 16th November

Dinner Key, Miami

25 43.533 N
80 13.868 W

Here we sit in the marina at Miami doing the “hurry up and wait” thing again. The weather has turned quite nasty and isn’t expected to improve for the next few days. We elected to stay in the marina for at least today and then review our options tomorrow – once we have checked the forecast again. Our friends on Sundancer also stayed here today as the rain began early this afternoon and they didn’t want to leave when in bad weather either. So what does one do when it rains and you are stuck in the marina? Well Gerry was very glad that I noticed our auto pilot had leaked a small amount of hydraulic fluid (only a tablespoonful) during our passage to Miami and spent all day trying to figure out why it leaked. This was the second time that this has happened and just like the first time there seems to be no reason and it wasn’t possible to repeat the leak here in the dock. Frustrated by this he then spent a while looking at diagrams and web sites with the idea of replacing the cylinder, this proved to be more frustrating as he was unable to find an exact replacement without going directly to the manufacturer and as he’s not entirely convinced that a new cylinder will solve the problem he has temporarily given up worrying about it………watch this space!
Me? I spent all day trying different ways to write this blog, so that I can keep it current when we have no internet access. I had some success – I can write the text in word and then import it to the blog, as yet I haven’t found a way to import the photos to it unless I am actually online at the time. I guess there will be a few blogs that have no pictures (unless some computer nerd out there can tell me how to do it). Yes, it took me almost all day to sort that one out! I did take some time out to fiddle about with some of our photos using Adobe photo shop, not that I kept the “enhanced” pictures – it was just to amuse me but I now know what special effects I can use to make me look good! I also sent off a few emails and updated my email address book.
Exciting as it is we are now watching the T.V. (and drinking rummy things – a trip to the bottle shop is going to be needed if we are to survive this hurry up and wait stuff).
Let’s see what tomorrow brings.



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