Friday, November 10, 2006

Thursday 9thNovember

Fort Pierce, Florida.
27.28.050 N
80.19.635 W
We decided that we needed to go into the closest Marina to sort out our jib problem. So after a hasty breakfast we headed into Harbour Town marina and the luxury of unlimited power and water. We unfortunately discovered another small problem today - our generator seemed to be struggling at times to keep running. It meant a day of frustrations and heavy duty work. Gerry had to go up the mast to see if he could find a reason for the halyard breaking, and guess who had to winch the him up there - he really needs to lose some weight! The bad news on the jib was that it looks like a job for the riggers - oh well that's what BOAT stands for - Break Out Another Thousand! So the riggers are coming to assess the problem tomorrow. On to the generator - Gerry suspects a fuel starvation problem when the fuel tank is below half full and thinks that inserting a small pump to help lift the fuel will solve the problem - will see tomorrow.
Sundancer also had a problem on the way down - their radar didn't work so they are going to have to get that fixed. I thought cruising was fixing your boat in EXOTIC places - I feel cheated as Fort Pierce isn't exotic, but at least it has the spare parts and the people who can fix the problems. We hired a car and chased around to get the parts for the generator then kicked back with a dinner and a couple drinks at the marina. Again it was an early night to catch up on some sleep.



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