Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday 4th May


12 09.387 N
68 16.822 W

It’s beginning to look like we will be leaving here without the spare part. Gerry and I we into the marine store first thing in the morning (well around 10.00hrs). The manager had found the tracking number – our part was put in with something else and has apparently done the round the world trip - it has been to Curacao, Venezuela, back to Curacao and is on it’s way back to here – yeah right! We have to return at 16.00hrs to see if it has arrived. Having gone through this disappointment our next plan was to stock up on the groceries that we were originally going to get yesterday, before we got to the supermarket Gerry complained that he had tooth ache and perhaps he should see the dentist whilst we are here. I felt sure he was having sympathy tooth ache following my filling falling out the other day but I said that if it was hurting to go straight away and see if he could get it fixed immediately; with the weekend coming up he stood a better chance today than over the weekend. I took of in one direction to the supermarket and Gerry went the other way to the dentist, we arranged to meet back at the supermarket. I browsed the shelves and picked a few things that we needed but was very disappointed with the vegetables, they were the dregs of the barrel and I came away without the things we really needed. Gerry was there as I got to the check out so he paid the bill and helped me carry the bags to the dinghy. The story with the dentist was that he had to return in half an hour so by the time we walked to the dink and loaded it up it was time for him to make his way back to the chamber of horrors. I thought I’d go and see what vegetables the Venezuelan street vendors had so I arranged for him to pick me up at Karel’s dock when he was done with the dentist. The vendor’s stalls were full but unfortunately with all the things I already had enough of, even so I stocked up a little more with tomatoes, onions, capsicum and cucumbers. I then spotted a bunch of cilantro behind the stalls and with much pointing and pantomiming asked if it was for sale, I was told no – much shaking of head and more pantomiming. I pulled a sad face and shrugged my shoulders and the poor old man gave in, pulling a small bunch of the stuff from another bag he had hidden, when I offered money for it he just smiled and waved me away. I thanked him in every language I know how to, I suspect I missed the only language he speaks but he got the idea! I wandered back along the waterfront to Karel’s dock where I bought a cold drink and sat reading the latest compass paper. By the time Gerry arrived to pick me up I had read it entirely and could have probably finished it again! He had the funny face of a dental patient – lopsided grin and the slurred speech of a drooling drunk – YES I laughed at him! It turned out he need to have a repair to a filling in a tooth which had been filled when we lived in PNG – it’s done well to last this long. Of course being Gerry it required an X ray, anaesthetic and sympathy – he got 2 out of 3! OF course it also cost more than mine did but even at $130 it was cheaper than it would have been in Florida. Back on the boat we had lunch, with Gerry dribbling and drooling from one side of his mouth and then it was all too much for him and he had to have a sleep whilst I used up the last of our over ripe bananas and made some banana (and chocolate chip) bread.At just after 16.00hrs we got back in the dink and roared off back to the marine store, well Gerry went to the marine store whilst I did a second sweep of the supermarket and to my delight the fresh fruit and vegetables were just being put out on the shelves, needless to say I stocked up. In fact I stocked up so well that I had to wait for Gerry to come and pay the bill as I didn’t have enough cash on me for what I wanted to buy., luckily he appeared just as I got through the check out! A thing to note about these islands is that they don’t tend to give you bags for your groceries so we are now in the habit of taking our bags along with us if we are going shopping. oh and unlike the States they don’t pack your groceries for you either. Once we had everything packed into our bags we set off along the road to a small restaurant we had noticed – it claimed to serve Indonesian and International food. We were the first customers at just after 17.30hrs; we ordered drinks and then perused the menu, selecting a mixed plate of Indonesian food each. I have to say that it was one of the best meals I’ve eaten here, I’m sorry we didn’t find it whilst you were with us Dale and Lorie. And it was cheap! – It came to $45 including 2 rum and cokes, 3 beers 2 sodas and 2 coffees – what a bargain! We had quite a chat with the owner’s wife who came in for dinner whilst we were there; apparently they have recently taken over the yacht club apartments to run as well. All in all it was a great experience and once we had paid up we gathered our shopping and returned to the dinghy dock which was now crowded with the Friday night revelers, loaded our dink up and motored out to our boat for the night. I expect you are wondering about the spare part by now? Well good news and bad, it has arrived however the new cylinder end which connects to the quadrant is the wrong size. The store manager is having a sleeve made that reduces the diameter to make the end fit, all this should be ready by 10.00hrs tomorrow – who’s holding their breath? Not me! Even if it’s all ready we still have to fit it on the boat before we take off so I guess we are now looking at tomorrow evening before we leave here.



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