Saturday, April 28, 2007

Friday 27th April


12 09.387 N
68 16.822 W

A very happy birthday Dale, we are glad we got to spend this momentous occasion with you.

A bit of a reluctant start to the day as far as I was concerned, today we were going to be leaving the marina and going back out onto a mooring for the remainder of our time here. It was also the day of reckoning as far as obtaining the new hydraulic cylinder went – if it hadn’t arrived today we would have to stay here until next Thursday due to public holidays to celebrate Queen Beatrice’s birthday and the May day labour day holiday. Gerry was up and doing the peeling off of the masking tape from around the toe rails – unfortunately the sealing wasn’t quite up to his standard and will have to be repeated – probably whilst we are out on the mooring. We tidied away the tools etc. which were scattered from the bow to the cockpit and then Gerry went and fetched our propane and the laundry which was ready to collect. Whilst I secured the loose stuff in the salon Gerry got rid of our trash and went to pay the marina bill. Then it was time to leave the marina, Gypsy Palace was ready a bit before us so we threw their lines off and pushed them clear of the dock before getting our engine cranked up and following them out of the marina. We motored down the mooring field looking for 2 moorings close together, eventually finding them and tying up to them. Gerry decided that he was starving and we made steak sandwiches for lunch from the leftovers from last night. We had just finished eating when we heard a knock on the boat, I went outside to find Lorie snorkeling around off the back end of our boat, she had knocked to see if I wanted to come out and join her, I explained that I had only just eaten and didn’t want to jump in the water straight away. We arranged to go into town a little later on. Gerry and I read for a while and then it was time to dink across to Karel’s dock and hit the town. We arrived there at about 13.00 hrs only to discover that the shops all closed for lunch between 12.30 and 14.30. Gerry took off to go and see if the hydraulic cylinder had arrived, Dale went in another direction to check out if customs and immigration were open over the public holiday, that left Lorie and I to do what we enjoy doing most – browsing around the shops in peace looking for those elusive little “some things”! We all met back up a little later, the guys had finished their jobs, unfortunately the hydraulic cylinder hadn’t arrived so we will be here for another week and Dale found out the details of when the customs and immigration offices were open. As they didn’t really want to go browsing with Lorie and me they took one dink and returned to the respective boats whilst Lorie and I continued to leisurely shop. We managed to buy a couple of souvenirs but were a bit disappointed with the choice – there didn’t seem to be anything specific to the place. We eventually returned to our boats having made plans to meet up at the dock for dinner. I found Gerry fast asleep and had to wake him up in time to get back for dinner. We met up at the dock and had a drink at Karel’s bar, then went to The Ribs Factory for - you guessed it – a rib dinner. The restaurant overlooked the Karel dock and bar where a Mariachi band was performing for the crowd that had gathered there; we got free musical entertainment whilst we ate as well as a terrific view of the sun setting over the water. We all toasted Dale and sang happy birthday in a dreadful 3 part harmony (or as Lorie said – maybe it was just 3 different keys!). Having eaten our fill we clambered back into the dinks and roared back out to our boats for the night.



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