Thursday, April 26, 2007

Wednesday 25th April


12 09.387 N
68 16.822 W

Happy birthday Lee, We will be drinking rum and eating chocolate just for you today!
Our sincere thanks to all the diggers on ANZAC day 2007.

Another day in the marina means another day of doing those irritating little jobs. Our day started with me masking the toe rails down both sides of the boat, ready for painting them. Gerry gave the auto pilot well a scrub out then he began painting the toe rails. With the spray paint being blown in every direction by the wind I retreated to the safety of the interior of the boat and began to defrost the fridge and freezer. Gerry gave up with the spray can and just sprayed paint into a container and then applied it by hand – this worked for a short while then his patience ran out and he decided to go and buy a can of paint instead, off he went in the car. Meanwhile I answered emails and finished the defrosting – a horrid task at the best of times which is made worse by being on a boat. I sorted through the squelchy green things that always seem to be found at the bottom of the fridge and ditched some questionable produce before repacking the food back in the fridge and freezer. Gerry returned whilst I was still doing this and he continued with his painting until the toe rails were all shiny silver. Then it was time for lunch which we ate on board. We spent the afternoon doing more jobs – cleaning the Strata glass, beginning to clean the stainless steel, re housing some of the stuff inside the boat etc. Not very exciting but things that we had to get done. Mid afternoon we took the car and along with Dale and Lorie went in search of the supermarket. We were quite surprised to find that the warehouse / supermarket was very well stocked with most of the things that we needed. It was only a discovery trip so we didn’t actually do our shopping – that would be a task for tomorrow. After exhausting ourselves looking at supermarket shelves we thought we needed a cold drink so we walked along the town main street looking on the shop windows, making a few detours inside the jewelry shops, not that we found anything we couldn’t live without; until we reached the café/bar. Luckily (?!) for us it was just about happy hour and drinks were 2 for 1 so we had a few and then went looking for somewhere to have dinner. We had noticed an Indonesian place and thought we would give that a try; we walked up the 3 floors to the place only to find it was closed. A quick re think found us sitting at an “international cuisine” place on the water front. The food was very nice and we were pleased with our second choice. A small debate went on as to who would be driving us home as Gerry had drunk a few beers, in the end he drove anyway as there seem to be no laws here about drink driving/ wearing seat belts or anything else to do with cars and the road. We went to bed and some time in the middle of the night I woke up with a piece of filling falling out of a tooth – oh joy! Something else to fix!



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