Saturday, April 28, 2007

Saturday 28th April


12 09.387 N
68 16.822 W

We listened to the weather report this morning and speculated as to when Dale and Lorie would leave for Puerto Rico. It wasn’t too much later that Dale dinked across to tell us that they had decided to go at 16.00hrs today as the weather seemed good for their passage. We arranged to meet at the dock for lunch and carried out a few “boat jobs” before getting in the dinks and heading to Karel’s dock. We tried a couple of places for lunch but they were closed and we ended up at the city bar where we had burgers and discussed the route and weather for Dale and Lorie’s trip. We were all a bit subdued as it was going to be hard to go our separate ways from here – if only the dreaded WORK stuff didn’t have to be considered! After lunch Gerry and I went in search of some bread whilst Dale and Lorie went to clear out, retrieve their flare gun and prepare to get underway. Dale radioed us to come over for the final goodbyes, photos and promises, we dinked across and spent half an hour saying goodbyes then it was time for them to leave. We watched from our cockpit as they dropped their mooring lines and motored away from the field, turning back towards us to raise their main sail, it was a very sad moment. Thank you for sharing part of our passage with us, showing us some of your favourite places, sharing some fabulous and some not so fabulous meals with us, sharing boat problems and sometimes solutions, sharing your last vegetables and coke, teaching Gerry to fillet fish, and following us when the sails went up!
Fair winds and following seas, with none of the “COOPER FACTOR” to make your sailing hairy. Keep an eye on the ‘pit growth Lorie, Dale has spare elastic bands and don’t forget to braid the hairy legs when you go ashore – don’t want to scare the natives! Oh and stop telling people you work in law Lorie, we know what you really do – we have the video to prove it! We know that you will be reading this at some stage so stay in touch; you will always be welcome where ever we are. We love you guys and will miss not having you along side us for the rest of our trip.



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