Monday, April 30, 2007

Monday 30th April


12 09.387 N
68 16.822 W

It was a public holiday here today to celebrate Queen Beatrice of the Netherlands birthday. The town is unbelievably quiet, there is just no one around – this is probably due to the fact that there is a festival in Rincon (the second largest town in Bonaire) and most people have made the trip there for the day. Again Gerry was up and fiddling with the generator first thing this morning – this time he was trying to locate the source of the vibration that he has noticed, personally I think he just likes to take the generator apart and make out he’s doing important stuff! Despite his best efforts thought there is still a vibration; this generator is definitely his nemesis and will be the death of him for sure. I kept out of the way of flying tools and foul language by going out on deck and reading my book until he had finished. The wind was less ferocious today so we decided to get in the water for a swim. We donned the snorkeling gear and took the plunge; the water was cold but quite refreshing once your teeth stopped chattering. We made our way along the line of moored boats taking in the sights at the edge of the reef. There were hundreds of fish, mostly small ones but we spotted the occasional parrot fish, puffer fish and trumpet fish along with jelly fish hiding in the coral that makes up the beginning of the reef. We noted some car tires had been dumped/ placed in a couple of locations and we think they have been deliberately placed there to encourage reef growth; other than the tires there was no trash to be seen anywhere – it was pristine water. A few feet from where our boat is moored the reef drops off and you really need to scuba dive to take advantage of the sites. All along the coast there are designated dive and snorkeling sites, many of these are in the areas where the moorings for boats are situated so you have to be extremely careful not to run over anyone in the water snorkeling or diving. The clear water makes it perfect for diving and snorkeling. As we began to get cold we returned to the boat, showered and had coffee and lunch. Then it was time for Gerry to get his beauty sleep whilst I typed up blog notes and made fish cakes with the left over cooked fish from last night. When he’d had enough sleep Gerry and I made some hors d’ouvers and cocktails and sat out in the cockpit watching the sun go down. It was a brilliant sun set but I still haven’t seen the green flash; maybe May will be the month!



Blogger Ray Lopez said...

Hi Guys,
Glad you are well. You have mentioned several times about the green flash. Well, let me tell ya, I was on an 82 foot cutter in the Southern GoM and the caribbean for over three years and looked every evening for the elusive green flash with no joy. If it wasn't for pictures of it I would swear that it is just a myth so, good luck.
FW and FS

3:59 p.m.  

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