Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sunday 12th August

Faanui Bay,
Bora Bora.

16 29.425 S
151 45.672 W

Well we are getting lazy; we woke up and decided that we were going to do nothing today. I cooked breakfast and then had to do the dishes – there was something wrong there! Gerry did a run into the yacht club and paid for another night on the mooring and checked out the time for lunch as Rappa (who runs the club) had invited us along with a few other people to a Polynesian lunch. We were to go to the club at midday and we spent the couple of hours left reading our books, answering emails and loading photos onto the computer. We got showered and changed and dinked into the club dock. To our surprise the restaurant was closed, we expected it to be open for the Sunday lunchtime session; we feel certain that they would have made a killing if they had opened. We made our way to Where Rappa had set up a table and had a fire going, he was just pulling a couple of breadfruit out of the fire. We watched as he peeled the blackened skin off of them and put them in a bowl, the inside was cooked through to a soft but firm consistency. We were joined by 2 other families and Rappa and his wife served up the breadfruit with a hot beef mixture over the top of it and a fish / tomato dish on the side.
We all ate with gusto and enjoyed the flavours of tis typical Polynesian lunch. For the next 3 hours wee sat and chatted to each other in the garden of the yacht club, exchanging stories of our travels and listening to Rappa telling us that he had only taken over the yacht club area 4 months ago and was in the process of building up the services to the visiting yachties. We all added our ideas of what would be good to have available (simple things like a book exchange and bread delivery) and Rappa promised to look into providing these things fro the boats that will follow us. Just before 15.00hrs we collected our laundry from Rappa (we had to be quite firm about a certain polo shirt of Gerry’s that Rappa almost demanded we give him as a gift, it was the lime green Heineken Regatta shirt that I had bought for Gerry at great personal effort in St. Martin) We ended up giving him one of new boat hats but he was still asking for the lime green shirt as we climbed into the dink to return to our boat. I would have given it to him if there was any chance of being able to get another one but there just isn’t. At least the cost of the laundry here was more acceptable than it was in Tahiti – it only cost $7. 40 here for the same amount that we had washed in Tahiti for $100! We exchanged some books with one of the other boats in the afternoon and then Gerry went across to Isabella to chat with Max and John who had anchored nearby, he arranged to have dinner ashore at the club with them in the evening. We had a late afternoon nap before getting changed to go back in to the restaurant. Looking ready for a decent night out we all climbed into the dink and headed towards the dock, stopping by Isabella on the way to arrange a meeting time. We reached the dock and found that the place was locked up. Gerry went to find out from Rappa what was going on as we had a booking and so did Isabella. Bad news followed, the restaurant manager wasn’t going to open the place this evening! We were disappointed but got back in the dink and headed to our boat via Isabella to let them know the bad news. There went the evening, we got stuck at Isabella, had a few drinks and chatted well into the evening. Eventually I kicked Gerry under the table and said it was time to get something to eat. Half an hour later we finally got going; arriving back at the boat we settled for a bowl of soup and a few crackers before hitting the sack for the night.



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