Monday, August 06, 2007

Sunday 5th August

Marina Taina,

17 35.399 S
149 36.985 W

It rained during the night so we woke up to a wet cockpit and cushions as we hadn’t closed the curtains down for the night. The sun soon came out though and the drying process began. We had all sorts of plans for the day but these were somewhat thwarted by the weather – the wind got up and was blowing at 19 knots from the south. Our plans to hoist Gerry up the mast to change out the anchor light and run the new spinnaker halyard were put on hold until there is less wind and our plans to go ashore and do the rest of the grocery shopping were also scrapped for the day as we would have gotten soaked going by dink as the wind had whipped up the water going into the dock. The morning was spent reading, changing the engine oil, doing the accounts and email stuff.
After a delicious lunch prepared by Abigail, both Gerry and Abigail went for an afternoon nap. I stayed up and sewed up an Hawaiian shirt and bandana for Bear and fixed the torn cockpit seat cover. By the time I had finished with the sewing it was cocktail time and we had a drink on board before heading into the marina for another meal ashore. Yet again - not a particularly exciting day and one which left us with jobs to do early tomorrow before we head off on the next part of our trip.



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