Sunday, August 12, 2007

Saturday 11th August

Faanui Bay,
Bora Bora.

16 29.425 S
151 45.672 W

Many Happy returns Zachary, we hope you have a great day.

It rained overnight and we woke to a humid overcast day. We all decided that this would be a quiet relaxing sort of day with no pressure to do anything. I sat about and read my book for most of the day – the last Harry Potter book which I have to finish so Abigail can take it home with her. Gerry did a quick trip into the dock to pay for the mooring (having never found the guy to pay yesterday) and we asked him to enquire about laundry whilst he was there. On his return we learnt that we needed to bag up the laundry and get it back into the yacht club where it would be done for us by the morning. Once the laundry issue was sorted out it was almost lunch time.
Abigail then decided that she might take the push bike and go for a ride around town. Gerry pulled the bike out, pumped up the tires and got it ready for her to take ashore. Once she had got her money, camera, a radio, sun screen, emergency toilet paper and sunglasses packed into a backpack she was ready to go.
Gerry took her and the bike to the dock in the dinghy and set her up ready to ride off. When he returned we had our lunch and then I typed up blog notes whilst Gerry read his book for the afternoon and updated the virus scanner on the computers. We were quite surprised that Abigail didn’t reappear until about 16.45hrs, when we got a pleading sort of whine over the radio to come and pick her up at the dock.
Abigail had had a long ride all the way around the island on the bike – it was about 32kms and took in a couple of rather large hills, I have to confess that I was surprised she did it as she isn’t the most athletic of people and usually deems opening her eyelids a form of exercise. On the way she had taken quite a few photos and had some good views to show us, she had also checked out all the places shown on the tourist map as places to go. What did she get for all her effort? – a sore bottom, sweaty body and wonky knees! Once we had all had showers and changed our clothes it was time to dink back ashore for a drink in the bar and an evening meal at the restaurant. This time we remembered to take a camera in to the bar with us so we managed to take a few pictures of the club. Once again we had a nice meal but were disappointed that the restaurant was under utilised. As soon as we had finished eating we returned to the boat as Abigail was desperate to go to bed – at 20.30hrs



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