Monday, August 06, 2007

Saturday 4th August

Marina Taina,

17 35.399 S
149 36.985 W

Our first job of the day was to get the little bit of laundry done whilst we were still where there was freely available water. Gerry planned to change out the oil in the generator Whilst Abigail and I wanted to get to the market and stock up on some vegetables and fruit for the next few days. I stopped at the bank and raided the cash point yet again so that we at least have some cash for the next few days then we walked over to the markets and began filling our bags with fresh produce. We bought 3 ready made salads for lunch and then made our way back to the boat where Gerry was itching to get going. We stowed the produce away, unhooked the water hoses and cast off the lines. Our destination was only about 5 miles away – at an anchorage just off of Marina Tahina. We had to get the harbour control permission to cross at both ends of the airport runway and at the furthest end we had to go into a holding pattern for a few minutes as 2 planes were coming into land. As soon as we cleared the runway we were just a short distance from the marina where we stopped to refuel. Having now got full water and fuel tanks we are almost set to leave – just a few more grocery items to purchase and we will be good to go. We anchored amongst the fleet of boats in 47 feet of water and spent the rest of the morning watching to make sure we didn’t drag anchor. The dink came off the foredeck and we ate lunch in the cockpit before deciding that we all needed an afternoon nap which extended into the early evening. We elected to go ashore for our evening meal and dinked into the marina dock. The al fresco bar and restaurant at the marina was very pleasant and busy. We caught up with some Australian yachties that we had met in Panama who had arrived in Tahiti just after us then we had a nice meal before dinking back out to the boat for the night. It wasn’t the most exciting day but it was quite relaxing.



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