Monday, April 23, 2007

Tuesday 17th April

Los Roques

11 53.051 N
66 50.686 W

Today was a really laid back chill out sort of day. A fisherman came by the boats at 07.30hrs offering to sell us lobsters, they were about $20 per kilo (negotiable). Gerry said they were huge and that he only wanted the tail – the man didn’t understand what he was talking about and even offered to exchange the lobster for a bottle of red wine! Gerry eventually declined as he didn’t want to have to kill the lobster himself, and was concerned that we didn’t have a pot it would fit into to cook it (he forgot about the bar b que); I’ll never forgive him for not buying them. Once I got up, we cooked breakfast, did house work jobs, then Gerry put up the hammock. We don’t put it up very often as there is nowhere we can leave it up, we have to attach it between the forestay and the mast – obviously it can’t stay there whilst we are moving so it was a notable event. The day was hot and sticky but there was a breeze blowing out on deck – just perfect for a swing in the hammock. I made full use of it for an hour or so until I began to get sun burnt then I covered up and ducked into the shade in the cockpit. One thing we noted when we arrived yesterday was that there was a large mound of rubbish on the beach. Our cruising guide said that the rubbish was collected from the boats at the major anchorages every few days, it looked like this lot had been here for quite a while so we decided not to add our rubbish to the pile (we only had a small amount anyway). To our amazement mid way through the morning a couple of motor boats stopped at the beach, bagged up all the trash and made a pile of it all, Gerry and Dale checked it out and as the guys were going to haul the trash away both Dale and Gerry added bags to the pile, sure enough the boats took it all away leaving the beach clean again. Gerry went off and snorkeled the reef behind our boat, coming back to say there were thousands of fish over there. I was quite happy reading in the shade and didn’t want to get wet so I didn’t snorkel - apparently a big mistake. Dale had bought 3 lobsters and invited us over to share them, I threatened Gerry with death if he so much as sniffed at the lobster – I didn’t think it right when he had the opportunity to buy some and didn’t. We took some chicken that I had marinated and Lorie asked to swap some lobster for chicken as she is not a sea food fan – it all worked out in the end. The sun set was much better viewed from their position in the anchorage, it turned the sky a fantastic shade of pink but there was no green flash – I really doubt it even happens. Our last thing for the day was discussing plans for the next day’s sail – we planned to leave at 08.00hrs for Aves de Barlavento.
Photo of pelicans from camera of Gypsy Palace



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