Thursday, February 15, 2007

Wednesday 14th February

St Thomas,
U.S. Virgin Islands

18 20.252 N
64 55.728 W

Gerry had told me that we would be setting off at 09.00hrs, however at 08.00hrs he was up and ready to leave, as were Dale and Lorie, I had to quickly drag myself to consciousness and make my way out on deck where Gerry was ready to leave, having dropped the mooring ball and the motor was running. It took me a while to stop yawning and appreciate the new day. The forecast was 100 % wrong and the wind was on the nose so we couldn’t sail to St Thomas, to make it worse the swell was knocking us about a bit at the beginning of the trip, happily it dropped pretty quickly and the rest of the trip was relatively comfortable. We arrived at Charlotte Amalie harbour and dropped our anchor, the harbour was fairly full of boats of every description, including 3 enormous cruise liners which dwarf all of us. We took the dink off the deck and once it had the outboard attached we took off into the town dock, securing the dink with a padlock to the rings on the dock. From there it was a short walk to a local roti shop where we enjoyed a spicy lunch. As it was Valentine’s Day Dale had decided to buy Lorie a piece of jewelry so we headed off towards the duty free downtown shops. Dale has a favourite shop and we ended up there, Lorie picked out her gift whilst Gerry and I walked along looking at a few other shops. We bought a waterproof case for our camera, similar to the one Lorie has but it doesn't allow us to take the camera to the same depth as hers; then we found the internet café and had a coffee whilst we checked our email, Dale and Lorie caught up with us there and from there we walked down to the street market and browsed amongst the stalls which sell mainly souvenirs, I think I may have to return there by myself to make a couple of purchases. Finally we reclaimed our dinghy and put-putted back out to our boat. We had eaten so much at lunchtime that we didn’t bother with dinner and eventually went to bed.



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