Thursday, February 15, 2007

Monday 12th February

Culebrita Island
Puerto Rico

18 20.0 N
65 14.0 W

We had a restless night, both too wound up about the trip to sleep well. Gerry was up and pacing waiting to leave far too early. We first had to check out of the marina and pay the bill, as the office didn’t open until 08.00hrs he had to cool his heels for a while. I emptied the rubbish bin and locked down all those things that tend to move whilst we are in transit. Once Gerry returned from the office it was a matter of minutes until we were casting off lines and leaving the slip. As we cleared the marina entrance I stowed the lines and fenders whilst Gerry tried to stop the boat form lurching up and down too much. Once everything was stowed away it was time to shake out the main sail and see if the wind would do as it was supposed to and let us sail to Culebrita Island. We put the first reef in the main and then pulled out all of the jib, turned off the motor and at long last we were able to sail this leg of our trip. The wind was blowing 10 -15 knots out of the East, we managed between 4 and 6 knots of speed over the course of the next 6hrs. Dale radioed us just after we had the sails up to say that they were just leaving the Base and would be about an hour behind us. As we cleared the first point we thought we could see them on the horizon behind us but we couldn’t be sure as there were a few boats out sailing. It took us 3 tacks to get to within 6 miles of the island and then the wind changed direction slightly forcing us to put first the jib and then the main sail away and motor for the last hour of the trip. We made our way into the protection of the harbour and picked up one of the free mooring buoys there. It was almost 2 hours later that Dale and Lorie followed us in and picked up the mooring buoy next to us. We showered and changed and then headed over to share cocktail hour with them on their boat. Everyone was tired from the sun and sailing so it turned out to be an early night for us all. When Gerry and I returned to our boat we were rolling a little to violently so Gerry put out the bridle and we had a good night sleep.



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