Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tuesday 6th February

Puerto del Rey
Puerto Rico

18 17.4 N
65 37.7 W

At midnight the alarm woke us, I swear that I’d only just closed my eyes. Struggling out of bed and dressing was a major achievement but we did it. Shortly afterwards we hoisted the anchor and began to motor away from the other boats, out through a cut in the reef and then turned towards our destination. The night lee wasn’t quite so pronounced but at least the seas were reasonable. The wind was supposed to be 12 – 16 knots from East, South East but in reality it was between 6 and 18 knots from the East through to the North East, it meant that we would have difficulty sailing – the whole trip was likely to be a motor trip. There was one point where we managed to have the jib flying for a brief period but as the wind clocked around again we had to furl it away. We were just glad that it was reasonably calm, we’ve done our share of bashing through the waves. As the sun rose we were off the Roosevelt Roads ex naval base so Gerry radioed our friends Dale and Lorie who have been waiting for us there – no reply! We tried again three times before we eventually got hold of them and told them we were heading in. They advised us to go straight into the marina at Puerto del Rey as we wouldn’t be allowed into the marina at the ex base. This meant a further hour or so motoring for us but as it was still calm it proved to be no problem and we pulled into the marina at 10.00hrs. We were allocated a slip and as we made our way towards it I commented about the usual absence of dock staff to assist with tying up then we saw some one running towards our slip to help – Dale and Lorie arrived just in time to catch our lines and help us to tie up. It was so good to see them and after a round of overdue greetings we arranged to meet up later in the afternoon when Gerry and I had caught up with some sleep. After registering at the marina office we showered and slept for a while then it was time to meet up with Dale and Lorie, share some stories and eat. Dale drove us around the ex naval base pointing out all the buildings and facilities, it was mind blowing to think that this base is now closed as they maintain all the grounds and facilities keeping lights and air conditioning running to make sure that the place doesn’t fall into disrepair. We can only wonder what will become of it in the future.
A great Mexican dinner followed with more stories and catching up with gossip, Gerry and I were still a bit tired so being the good friends that they are Dale and Lorie dropped us back at the marina arranging to see us in the morning. An early night followed.



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