Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thursday 8th February

Puerto del Rey
Puerto Rico

18 17.4 N
65 37.7 W

We slept in until 08.00hrs then leapt out of bed to get a couple of things done before Dale and Lorie turned up. Gerry filled the water tank and fitted the anchor swivel that he bought yesterday whilst I cooked us breakfast. Dale called us up on the VHF to see if we needed anything picking up on their way to fetch us, we didn’t so it was arranged that we would meet up in the next half hour. I took the camera and walked up the dock to the cages where the Macaws are kept where I took a few photos of them. Gerry finished fiddling about on the boat and then met up with me just as Dale and Lorie arrived. They spent a little time checking email and then we set off to do MAJOR shopping. Firstly though we stopped at a ceramics place that Lorie knew off and wanted to see, the men were worried – they even came in with us to make sure we weren’t buying the place up! As it happens they needn’t have worried, the place was disappointing and neither of us bought a thing. Our next stop was early lunch at Fudruckers – a burger place for those of you that haven’t heard of it, the burgers were excellent. Then it was on to Sam’s club where Lorie and I managed to fill a cart each with the essentials of life (including 90 candy bars!) There were still things that we couldn’t find there so we had to make a stop at a grocery store on the way back home. By now the back half of the car was weighted down so much that we simply had to head back to our respective boats. Dale dropped us off and we all agreed that we should call it a day – this shopping stuff is just too tiring. Back on our boat we stowed the purchases away – no easy task, just removing the packaging from the purchases created 2 bags of trash and of course we had to re arrange several lockers to fit everything in. In the process of storing stuff we discovered that a can of tomato puree had exploded in one locker causing a mouldy mess and a can of corned beef had popped in another locker – luckily not so messy, I guess we were lucky it wasn’t more considering the pounding that the boat has taken in getting to here. Once everything was packed away it was time to relax, have a drink and then go to bed.



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