Friday, February 23, 2007

Thursday 22nd February

Trellis bay, Tortola Island
British Virgin Islands

18 26.860 N
64 31.897 W

A slow start to the day, we hung around doing very little until mid morning when it was time to help Dale keep his boat in place whilst he took his dink out to retrieve his stern anchor. Whilst we watched he wobbled and we thought there was a chance he might just fall in we got the camera ready and that ended any chance of him actually falling in. Once his anchor was back on board he and Lorie hauled their bow anchor and began to motor slowly out of the harbour whilst we retrieved our stern line from the dock and then hauled up our bow anchor. With Rose nervously at the wheel we began to follow Dale and Lorie out of the harbour. Once we got to the entrance Gerry decided to hoist the main sail closely followed by the jib, I took over the steering and turned the engine off – peace! The wind was 8 – 12 knots and on the quarter so we were able to sail along quite nicely, heeled over enough to give our guests a real taste of sailing rather than motoring. We made the trip in 3 tacks and were just outside the Trellis bay harbour when Dale and Lorie caught up with us – they’d taken the scenic route according to them! We took a mooring ball and in no time we were getting the dink back down off the davits and going ashore to visit the local art and craft stores. Lorie and I were a bit disappointed with the craft stuff as last time we were here it was full moon and there were loads of visiting artists and craft people selling stuff at the full moon party. Still we wandered along the shops, the men stopped for a beer whilst the girls found somewhere that sold ice cream and had one of those fabulous treats – a chocolate coated ice cream. As the men were still nowhere in sight we wandered back to the bar where they were on their second beer so we ordered drinks and joined them. The owners of the bar seemed a bit distracted and we eventually learnt that the kitchen of the place burnt down 2 days ago and they were having repairs done as we sat drinking, I think I might have been distracted under the circumstances too. Dale had never heard of the widgets in Boddingtons beer so Gerry did the boy thing and using Dale’s Swiss army knife, cut open the empty can to retrieve the widget. We all discussed recycling ideas for the used widgets so watch out for those homemade Christmas ornaments and earrings! With one more stop at the grocery store for a few essentials (rum) we returned to our boat in time for a quick shower and then we dinked into The Last Resort restaurant where we were told that the WIFI was free if you were there for dinner. Both Lorie and I had computers with us so we could up load our blog sites, Lorie managed to get on to the internet on hers but I just couldn’t connect, Gerry tried to get me a connection but even he couldn’t manage so in the end I gave up as the computer battery was running down. We then had dinner which was good and a few more drinks, actually we had a few more than we ordered as the waitress messed up the order the first time around and then bought us complimentary drinks – who are we to refuse? We had told Mark that there was a donkey at the restaurant the last time we were here but it turned out that it has died since then. We were a bit suspicious about it as there had been curry on the menu up until last night and they had just run out - I wonder if Donkey makes a decent curry?! Just as we were about to pay and leave the band arrived for the evening and began their set, they were funny and very entertaining, getting the audience involved by giving away shots of tequila for things like “guess that tune”, the best whistler, guest singing with the band. If you called out an answer without buzzing in first you were made to drink 5 shots as punishment (there were no buzzers you had to make the buzzer sound yourself) Dale had to drink 3 shots in a row as he broke the rules, the rest of us stayed very quiet. As most of the audience was around our age (young and silly) we all knew the music, words and actions to the songs so we all joined in, even to the point of everyone dancing when the band demanded it. By about 22.30hrs we were ready to hit the night clubs but we couldn’t find one so we went back to the boat instead and hit the sack. Rose and Mark think that this life is very hard.



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