Friday, February 23, 2007

Saturday 17th February

Leinster Bay, St John,
US Virgin Islands

18 21.909 N
64 43.429 W

Saturday dawned with sunshine and light winds. A quick check outside revealed the arrival of a cruise ship about the size of Wolverhampton. We encountered a slight problem with the aft head in the early part of the morning – it wouldn’t pump out so Gerry ended up taking the pipe work apart and removing all the gunk from the pipe. During the removal of “stuff” – use your imagination here after all it is a toilet, he discovered a cap from the top of a bottle blocking the pipe – the culprit of the pumping problem! Once the pipe was cleared Gerry changed out the joker valve for good measure and then cleaned up the mess resulting from the investigation. Gerry cooked up a quick breakfast…gluten free for those afflicted and it was into the dink for a shopping trip at the Straw Market in St Thomas so named because they used to sell items such as hats made from straw. These days there is nothing made of straw but everything else you can think of. The ladies set off in search of bargains while the guys went on a shopping trip of their own. Gerry had to collect a Valentine piece of jewellery but we found time for a large espresso before returning to the store to collect the item. Then it was back to the dock to find the sea had picked up and Gerry had the fun of ensuring the ladies sitting in the front of the dink caught plenty of spray. Back on board it was time to haul the dink up and head off under power out of St Thomas harbour with a hapless Mark at the wheel and nodding sagely at the detailed instructions. The destination was Leinster Bay – about 14 miles as the crow flies from St Thomas. Unfavourable winds meant we were under power for much of the bay but the sails did get an airing. On arrival we anchored temporarily until a mooring became free. It was then time to try snorkeling for Rose and Mark – complete novices. Rose took to it well and saw all manner of fishy stuff off the reef including three barracudas – not the most friendly types in the world. Mark – not the keenest of swimmers – was given a reprieve from drowning as the mask he was going to use broke. Rose even survived an attack of cramp to get on board in time to see the sun go down and for rum punch to appear. Then it was dinner and more rum punch in the picturesque anchorage.



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