Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday 23rd February

Laverick Bay, Virgin Gorda
British Virgin Islands

18 29.943 N
64 23.246 W


We began the day by paying the mooring fee for last night, having done that it was time to leave so Gerry dropped the mooring line whilst I steered us. We cleared the harbour and hoisted the jib then proceeded to motor sail to Spanish Town on Virgin Gorda. We had to clear out of the British Virgin Islands as our trip is now going to take us further south. We arrived at the harbour in Spanish Town and picked up a mooring then everyone climbed into the dink with passports and boat documents in hand to head into the customs and immigration office. We had to haul the dink up onto the beach as there was a very high dock which we wouldn’t have been able to climb out onto. Then we trekked into the office where we then had to wait in line to check out. It took at least half an hour before anyone appeared at the window to deal with the ever growing queue but once they did appear we were check out, with the appropriate documents stamped and fees paid, then it was back to the dink and out to the boat. On the way back to the boat we saw a couple of turtles sunning themselves but they dove under water as soon as we approached. Once back on board we quickly hoisted the dink back onto the davits and dropped the mooring lines then we were back out of the harbour with the jib up again heading towards Laverick Bay. We arrived at Laverick Bay at lunchtime, tied up to the fuel dock and filled both our fuel and water tanks. We were tied up behind a very large luxury motor yacht and the poor people that were onboard it were gracious enough to speak to us – I think it was just to make sure that we didn’t hit their boat! Having completed the re fueling we motored off the fuel dock and picked up a mooring in the harbour. After eating a gourmet lunch onboard Rose and I stripped the sheets off the beds, collected all the dirty laundry and sorted it into 4 piles – it’s amazing how much washing we’d managed to generate. Gerry, Rose and Mark then dinked into the Bay so that they could go to the grocery store and Gerry was to return and collect the laundry and me. As it happened Lorie also had laundry to do so she picked me up and together we headed into the dock where Gerry carried our laundry bags to the laundry. Between us we used every washing machine and drier in the place for the next 2 hours or so. Whilst we were waiting for the machines to complete their cycles we visited the Pussers rum shop and made a couple of purchases and then we hit the bar where we had to try the painkillers to make sure they were up to standard. Once the washing was finished it was time to return to the boat, stash it all away, make the beds, stow the dink ready for the morning and cook dinner. We plan an early start tomorrow so now it’s time to go to bed – if only the music coming from the shore would just quiet down a fraction!



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