Thursday, December 21, 2006

Wednesday 20th December

Volley ball beach
Stocking Island, Georgetown

23 31.212 N
75 45.437 W

More waiting, more rain and even higher winds today. So what do you do? we sat on the boat and contemplated our navels alternating this with examining our bruise collection ( I win that one!). Oh we did manage to put in the waypoints for our next destination. We had a fairly good connection to the internet at lunch time and managed to have an online chat with Lorie and then Kay which was nice. Later on in the evening Gerry’s mobile rang (he has been trying to have it disconnected since we left the USA – obviously without much success), it surprised us and we then wondered if we could make calls still – we did get through to Abigail who then called us back and we had a good catch up chat. If anyone has Gerry’s mobile number and wants to try calling – feel free!



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