Friday, December 15, 2006

Friday 15th December

Exuma docking services,Georgetown.

23 30.232 N
75 46.019 W

We decide to pull in alongside today in order to do laundry, replenish our dwindling supplies, fill up with water and hose down the boat which has become covered in salt from the pounding it took getting here, oh and put the air conditioner on to dry the boat out a bit.
After a leisurely breakfast we pulled up the anchor and headed towards the dock. You wouldn’t call it a marina – it’s just a few badly weather beaten docks some of which have power and water. When we radioed in for directions to a slip we were told to help ourselves to any of them, the dock master had just gone out! There was no one to help us tie up and just enough current to push us off the dock. With Gerry steering that left me with my painful back to try and catch a pole to tie up to. It must have looked like a circus as we changed our minds after tying up to the first slip – we were being pushed against the dock so we decided to try for the other side, by throwing lines across the dock and pulling the boat across rather than trying to catch the poles that we were being blown away from! It worked and we managed to tie the boat alongside without any help from anyone – for the privilege of being here it costs 80 cents a foot. The water is Town water – apparently it is sometimes drinkable and sometimes not, it is cheap at 10 cents a gallon. Taking note of Karen and Bob’s problems with the water they bought at Spanish Cay we first tested it – it came out OK at 300 PPM (that is parts per million – ideally it should be as low as possible but as long as it is less than 600 it should be OK), we then taste tested it – it has a sort of rubber hose taste which is bearable but as we treat all of our water and then charcoal filter all the drinking water anyway we don’t think it will be a problem so our tanks will be full again. I took off to the nearby laundry to do 3 loads of essential washing – clean sheets and towels become almost a luxury! Meanwhile Gerry hosed down the decks to rid us of some of the salt. We found the local baker – “Mom’s Bakery” which operates out of a van just near to the dock and I bought a couple of loaves of bread. We are about to head off into town to see if we can find an internet connection and to do some shopping at the Exuma Markets and the shop rite grocery store – both a short walk away.



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