Thursday, December 21, 2006

Tuesday 19th December

Volley ball beach
Stocking Island, Georgetown

23 31.212 N
75 45.437 W

Another day of waiting. More rain squalls passing through so the game of open and close the hatches continues – well it does make a change from the hunt the gecko game Bob! We had no plans for today so Gerry decided to do “dirty “jobs. He cleaned out the hose from the kitchen sink – it was very smelly, full of greasy kitchen type debris though you couldn’t recognize anything that came out of it, he also attacked the shower drain filter which was full of hair and soap scum. You know how it goes though, you start on a job that could have been left for a while longer and as you progress you manage to break part of the thing you are fixing so the job gets more complicated. Yes it happened, Gerry managed to break 2 hose clamps on the sink hose – we had more of those so it wasn’t a major drama, he then broke (or he says he found it broken) a fitting on the shower discharge pump – we didn’t have the right size to replace the broken one so he had to rig a smaller sized one with loads of tape to make it fit. The job took longer than it should have but at least we have clean pipe work! It rained on and off all day and at one point we collected run – off water into a bucket and carefully poured it into our water tank – saves having to make some! I have to say that we did let quite a lot of the rain wash the boat down first before we collected the run off otherwise we would have had some very salty water. I managed to get online and load the last few blogs, though the signal strength isn’t strong enough to allow me to load photos so sorry, if I could I would! I’m getting very bored with my own cooking – I think I need a decent meal ashore somewhere, the only question is where? I think I’d even settle for a starbucks coffee and piece of expresso brownie, someone have one for me.



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