Sunday, December 10, 2006

Saturday 9th December

Warderick Wells Cay.

24 24.10 N
76 38.30 W

The wind howled all night long, we saw 32knots on the wind indicator (which thankfully seems to be working properly again!) and as it was still howling when we finally decided to get out of bed the decision to stay put on the mooring here was a very simple one – neither of us wanted to go anywhere in this sort of weather. It was a very relaxed morning we did nothing except read our books and watch the other boaties peer out of their cockpits. As we had only paid for 2 nights one of us was going to have to go by dink to the ranger station and pay for a further night. It doesn’t take much deciding really – it IS the captain’s job!!!!! So we got the dink off the davits, uncovered and hoisted the outboard back onto the dink, Gerry donned his life jacket and then it began to pour with rain – glad I’m not the captain!!!! He did wait for a brief dry period before setting out for the station – it’s only half a nautical mile away but in the gusty winds it can seem like a million miles. Once he’d paid for another night Gerry headed back to the boat bringing with him the news that “happy hour is at 16.30hrs, bring your own booze and nibblies, they supply the ice”. This was met with much mirth – did they really think we were going to be sociable in this raging wind? But we did leave it open to debate when the hour came closer. We had lunch and then spent the afternoon in the cockpit reading and people watching whilst the winds continued to howl around us. We decided that it wasn’t worth the certain soaking we would get to go to happy hour so we turned on the computer instead and tried ringing a couple of people on skype – it wasn’t a very successful attempt as the connection was still minimal. We picked up the forecast for the next couple of days – it looks like the winds are with us for a bit longer so we may be here a while yet. I tried again to publish the blogs for the last few days and to my joy finally had success, however I couldn’t get the photos to load, that will have to be done later when there is a better connection. Finally after dinner and showers we are about to watch a movie – one I haven’t seen before I hope.



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