Sunday, December 03, 2006

Tuesday 28th November


After staying onboard all day yesterday we decided that we would walk into town today to try and find the library which has free internet. We waited until we were fairly sure that it wasn’t going to rain and then set out with limited directions as to where we needed to go. We found the local CVS pharmacy and the Win Dixie grocery store but still hadn’t found the library, we foolishly decided to ask in the pharmacy – oh yes – it was a block further on across the other side of the road – YOU CAN”T MISS IT!!!!! We took this with a pinch of salt and after walking a further 4 blocks we asked a man – who had no idea. We then accosted an old lady who bless her heart knew exactly where to send us. The information came at a cost, she was a very talkative lady and we learnt over the course of the next 15 minutes that she was 90 years old, had lived on Biscayne Key since the early 70’s, was a cousin of Jimmy Carter’s, had a phd. in Music, had traveled the world, had at least 1 child, was shocked to have found someone else speak English to her in Miami (2 was unbelievable) and had just left the library herself. Eventually she told us it was just another block over and we finally said goodbye to her. True enough the library was right where she said, we snagged a computer and did the bill paying, blog upload and caught up with our emails. Having got that out of the way we headed to an Argentinean restaurant and had lunch there. Then it was back to the grocery store where we carefully selected just the right amount of stuff to fit in the back packs – it did kind of limit what we could buy, but we managed to represent all of the important food groups – (chocolate and wine) then we set off back for the boat. It was a long walk back to the harbour but we made it. On the way back we saw even more of the Iguana’s – they were fluorescent green and quite large – guess where the camera was? – will take it with us tomorrow in the hope we will see some more.
Our next problem for the day was to find out how to get into the room where the washing machine is hidden – and, according to rumour there exists a tap for fresh water. After asking around we got the answer to the mystery and gained access to both. I can’t tell you how it’s done as I’d be breaking the cruiser’s code of silence! We filled our water containers and did the laundry – a successful day!



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