Sunday, December 10, 2006

Friday 8th December

Warderick Wells Cay

24 24.10 N
76 38.30W

This morning we spent some time doing “housework” stuff and trying to upload the blog. Whilst we have a “very weak” internet access which allows us to read and answer our emails it just wouldn’t let me upload the blog. The ranger had told us that if we had any problems we could take the computer ashore and use it at the office so we packed everything into a water tight bag, launched the dingy and set off for the office.
Isn’t it amazing the difference a day can make? Yesterday I told you that there wasn’t enough wind to cause a ripple on the water, today the wind was already starting to pick up as we made our way to the ranger’s office. I digress – once we arrived at the office we plugged the computer in and found the blog site but it wouldn’t let us log in – it took so long that it kept timing out. I tried, Gerry tried and after so many attempts we decided to go for a long walk and try again when we returned. By now it was 11.00hrs.the ranger said she would look after our computer etc. but warned us that she had lunch from 12.00 – 13.00hrs, not a problem we would probably be back by then.
Off we took to walk to a place called Boo Boo hill, along a track called Shaggy dog trail. The hill is meant to be the highest point on the Cay, with an excellent view of the mooring basin. There are also a couple of blow holes nearby which are worth visiting. The track wasn’t a difficult track but you were walking on weathered limestone rocks which had to be climbed and balanced on, and you definitely needed to wear a good pair of trainers, which luckily we were. After trudging behind Gerry for a fair distance we arrived at the creek which we had to cross to continue on the trail, to our dismay it was high tide and we couldn’t get across it so we then had to retrace our steps back to the starting point on the beach. A second track – Julie’s trail, promised to take us to the Sunshine causeway from where we could make our way via Ian’s & Mark’s trails to Boo Boo Hill – there is more than one way to skin a cat! So off we set on Julie’s trail – it was supposed to be about a 12 minute walk and whilst I know we didn’t hurry it took us more like 20 minutes of scrambling over the rocks until we reached the causeway. Once we crossed it we reconsidered the rest of the walk – if it was all like the trail we had just come down then I really didn’t want to continue, Gerry wasn’t keen either so we turned around and headed back to the start once again, we were destined not to get to Boo Boo Hill. We arrived back at the ranger’s station at – you guessed – 12.05hrs! We had a quick “sit down and recover from the heat” and then took the dink back to our boat so we could have some lunch, with a plan to return later in the afternoon and try the internet again. Over last night there were just 3 other boats and us in the mooring field, by the time we returned to the ranger’s office at 14.00 hrs there were 8 and there was a slow procession of still more boats heading in to the park. We tried again to up load the blog and eventually gave up – you’ll have to wait until we get somewhere else for this thrilling installment – sorry! We swapped out 5 books at the office – there was a fair choice there so we have some new reading matter, then we packed our stuff back into the waterproof bag and headed back to our boat. At last count there were18 boats in the mooring field – everyone hiding out here until the weather front blows through. As the day progressed the winds increased – it put paid to any plans we had to snorkel on the reefs around here, this was a bit of a disappointment as they are supposed to be good snorkeling spots. We were getting gusts of up to 30 knots whilst we were eating our dinner, I’m glad we are safely tucked away on a mooring and not out on the anchor someplace. If the weather is no better tomorrow I think we will be staying another day.



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