Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sunday 3rd December

Chub Cay.

25 24.629 N
77 54.303W

After sleeping in for a bit this morning we radioed in to the marina to secure a berth, clear customs and take on more fuel. We discovered that we'd caught our second fish without even trying, what a pity that the flying fish just are not big enough to eat! About an hour later we upped the anchor and motored into the marina,were directed into the fuel dock where we tied up and Gerry went in to see the customs agent. The dock master and staff were very helpful and pleasant and informed us that Gerry had to go out to the airport to clear customs - they arranged for a car to pick him up and take him out there whilst I waited on the boat at the fuel dock. After a short wait Gerry was back, all the customs details having been dealt with, including the $300. fee. We then filled our fuel tank and containers and were directed into a slip in the marina. The Chub Cay marina has only been open since the middle of the year following renovations, I have to say they have done a fabulous job - it is a world class marina with a ship store, beach, restaurant and WIFI. Not all the facilities are completed as yet but I was told they shortly will be. Surprisingly the marina was almost empty but we gather that there are a lot of game fishing tournaments planned for the future so I guess it won't always be as easy to get a slip. The cost of the slip was $3.50 per foot plus electricity ($25 flat rate for 30amp) and water ( 40cents per gallon) - who thought cruising was cheap?! Thank goodness we can anchor out and make our own water. The internet is free -wohoo!!!! so we've logged on to email and uploaded the past few days blogs, happily we've also managed to talk to Dale & Lorie and Kay on skype -what a bonus!!!! One thing that we didn't bargain for was that the shower block isn't up and running so they are using the old showers - only two showers for everyone to use and the water was cold!

Gerry gave the decks a quick hose down to get rid of some of the salt and then he collapsed into bed for a couple of hours whilst I answered emails and read my book. We ate at the restaurant - the coconut fish was delicious and then made it an early night - ready for another long day tomorrow.



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