Sunday, December 31, 2006

Friday 29th December

Turtle Cove Marina.
Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands.

21 47.136 N
72 13.602 W

I made the Mcdonalds breakfast again today – this is becoming a habit we need to break! The man who had promised to come and do the welding today showed up a little after 09.00hrs and after a bit of discussion he took the bits away to fix up. Gerry seemed to think that the guy was on the ball and knew what was expected – our fingers were crossed! When we arrived here yesterday Gerry dealt with all the office stuff, as a result of being tired he forgot to ask how much the slip was going to cost, how much the laundry was and when we would see our clothes again – it didn’t seem to matter yesterday but today we decided that we really should find out. Before we had chance to go to the office our laundry appeared, washed, dried and folded in the bag, no price of course – it would be charged to our account.
Gerry decided to take the floor up in the cockpit and have a look at the auto pilot as it still leaks a small amount of hydraulic fluid on occasion which he is not happy about. I kept well clear, stayed below and uploaded the previous 8 or 9 blogs plus I finally had a connection which allowed me to upload some pictures, so have a look back over the past couple of weeks to see them. By the way you can click on the photos to enlarge them – some of them are better that way – especially the dolphin ones! It took me rather a long time to get them onto the site, by which time Gerry had finished fiddling with the auto pilot – very convenient, what’s more he couldn’t find anything wrong with it. It was then time for one of my favourite activities defrosting the fridge and freezer. It takes twice as long when Gerry helps me to do it but he insisted on helping, at least I know what I have left in the freezer now – up until now it’s been a guessing game. Once we had finished with that we had a sort through the books, putting aside the ones we have read which we then took to the office where we exchanged them for a bagful of ones we haven’t read. We returned to the boat to await the welder who was returning our stuff, fixed at 17.00hrs. Sure enough he arrived almost to the minute, Gerry seems to be pleased with the work and handed over $200 for the quick fix – phew repairs are certainly eating into our cruising kitty! Another meal ashore in the evening, this time at another “within walking distance” restaurant and then it was time for bed.



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