Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sunday 26th November


We though today would be quieter than yesterday, it began that way however just about lunchtime the never ending stream of boats began to arrive. We had a quick dink around the harbour and on our journey we saw a huge iguana hiding in the mangroves, where was the camera? on the boat! We did a very quick trip back to get it but not quick enough, it had disappeared by the time we got back to where he had been, however we did manage to get a picture of another one that was lurking in the trees - spot it in the photo! .

Just after 1400hrs a couple of power boats dropped their anchors right over ours, then another 2 boats came and rafted up to them. We were more than a little concerned and told them about where our anchor was laid – not that it made any difference. To our horror another 2 boats then arrived and rafted up to them. The gap between our bow and their sterns was less than five feet, we couldn’t move even if we wanted to and they certainly weren’t going anywhere. They cranked up their music, cleaned the fish they had caught on the way here which brought the birds around the boats in their droves and lit their bar – b – ques whilst yelling at each other from one boat to another. We continued to enjoy the loud Cuban music, shouting, birds swooping and food cooking smells for the following 3 hours whilst waiting for the wind to drag them into us – luckily it didn’t happen. We were relieved when the light began to fade and they took off for home. Once they had gone we checked our anchor to make sure we were still firmly in place and breathed a sigh of relief, there is such a thing as anchoring too close for comfort. At least tomorrow should be quieter for us.



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