Friday, May 11, 2007

Wednesday 9th May

At sea

11 48.670 N
73 31.830 W (at 09.00 hrs)

It was a day full of “non events” - the dawn was again overcast,
- the sun didn’t put its hat on (sorry mum!), in fact we didn’t see it at all,
- it didn’t rain,
- we saw no other boats,
- we caught no fish despite having the line in the water,
- we saw no dolphins and
- the radio was silent.
The wind was directly astern of us for almost all of the day and once again we went through the agony of trying to fly the spinnaker – not for long though as we couldn’t keep it full so we motored, making good speeds of up to 8.2 knots. One of the things that has become obvious to us is that there is something not quite right with the furling system of the jib (you’ll have noticed that we haven’t had it up recently). Gerry suspects that the bearing at the top has somehow moved and that the sail is out of the track, we are hoping that it is nothing more serious than that, we don’t want a repeat of the problem we had in Fort Pierce. Gerry will be going up the mast in Cartagena to check it out. We both spent most of our watches reading books between looking at the instruments and scanning the horizon for signs of life. The swell calmed down enough for us to get a reasonable amount of sleep when it was our turn to hit the bunk and the night passed uneventfully.



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