Monday, April 23, 2007

Wednesday 11th April

Playa Yaque
La Blanquilla

11 50.274 N
64 38.832 W

The sun rose a little before we arrived at a small group of Islands (big rocks in the middle of nowhere) called Los Hermanos. We were both on deck at the time as we wanted to be sure that we didn’t make any mistakes going through the gap between them, especially as we were tired. From these rocks it was just 6 miles to the anchorage where we planned on stopping. Thinking that we had about an hour to go I went below to cook up some biscuits (scone type things) and sausage. I had just about got them done when Gerry called out for me to come out on deck, turn on the motor and help get the main down, breakfast was left to get cold! Now that we were ready to drop the sail and anchor the wind began gusting up to 25 knots – just what we didn’t need whilst we were putting the main sail away and trying to anchor between the boats already there. We made our way towards the anchoring spot and dropped the anchor in a sandy patch just in front of the only palm trees on the beach; as soon as we were happy that the anchor was set we ate our sausage and biscuits, which were still warm, whilst we watched a 4 masted cruise yacht anchor behind us and begin to disgorge passengers onto the beach. We watched the coast guard board Gypsy Palace and waited for our turn – it was sure to come but after a wait of nearly an hour they put - putted off in their boat and vanished around the corner. It turned out that they boarded Gypsy Palace and did a safety inspection, not just the routine checking of boat documents, we are still expecting them to return to see us as I type. Gerry spent the rest of the morning sleeping; I couldn’t get to sleep so I just read my book. After lunch Dale and Lorie wanted to go exploring, possibly snorkeling: Gerry went along with them but by now I was tired and falling asleep so I went to bed for an hour. On his return Gerry told me that they had dinked around the end of the island to a place called Playa Los Americano, where there were ruins of a small house and a natural rock arch which sticks out into the ocean. We both read for the rest of the afternoon and watched as the coast guard boarded the boat to the left of us, there are only 5 boats here so we are pretty certain that our turn to be boarded is coming – we are just waiting!
Photo of Playa Los Americano from camera of Gypsy Palace



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