Friday, April 06, 2007

Friday 6th April

St George’s Harbour,

12 02.67 N
61 44.843 W

Happy Birthday Rose, have a rum or two to celebrate – we will!

A Happy and safe Easter to everyone, we hope the bunny comes for you!

Neither of us slept very well despite being very tired, the wind began gusting during the night and by the time 06.00hrs came around it was blowing hard. We got dressed and Gerry secured the dink to the davits whilst I prepared some breakfast. Dale radioed to find out if we still planned on putting our sail back on, we had decided that it could wait until the winds dropped, even if this meant doing the trip to Grenada with only the jib. We stowed the main sail on the forward cabin and prepared the boat for an 08.00hr. departure. We hauled the anchor and motored out of the Carriacou bay, followed by Gypsy Palace. We unfurled our jib and began to motor sail whilst Dale and Lorie unfurled their main and jib, cut their engine and began to sail the 29 miles to Grenada. We wouldn’t be able to keep up with them with only a jib fling but we decided that the winds were quite good for a sail so we cut our engine to see how we would go with just the one sail. Amazingly we managed to do a respectable 6-6.5 knots most of the way, with the occasional 8.3 knots thrown in for good measure. Gypsy Palace of course had a ripper of a sail and took off doing at least 8 knots most of the way. We passed over an underwater active volcano on the trip called “kick em Jenny”, not that we would have know apart from a few waves going in odd directions! As we passed behind the land mass of Grnada and began to head down the coast line the winds died and we finally turned the engine back on for the last hour of the trip. We motored past the Queen Mary 11 which was anchored outside of the Grenada harbour and made our way into the lagoon where we dropped our anchor. Gerry tried to get some water from the yacht club but as it was Good Friday it was closed – we would have to be extra careful with the little we still had in the tanks until the morning. Our next task was trying to put the main sail back on. Dale came across to help but had to return to his boat rather quickly as he was drifting and needed to re anchor. Gerry and I struggled to get the main back on, eventually succeeding – with a few salty sailor type words being thrown around for good measure. Another couple that Dale and Lorie had befriended on their travels, Scott and Heather invited us across to their boat for cocktail hour and then we were all going to go ashore for dinner. We had rum punch on their boat, Scott Free, whilst watching the sun go down then we dinked into the yacht club for an excellent dinner and more drinks. When we had all had our fill we dinked back out to our boats for the night. Tomorrow would be another busy day, we were going to re provision and then do an over night trip to Los Testigos, a small group of islands belonging to Venezuela. I’m unsure how we will go for internet from this point onwards so it may be a while before I get to update this site, will do it whenever I can.
I have finally been able to add some photos dating back to the 24th March - check them out!



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