Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday 9th April

Los Testigos

11 22.896 N
63 08.087 W

Many happy returns of the day Jean, we hope you have a good birthday, with love from both of us.

It was to be a very laid back and easy day for us. We woke fairly early after catching up on our sleep. Dale, Gerry and Scott took off in the dink to check in with the coast guard as this was the thing to do here. There are no immigration or customs officers here so we continue to fly the Q flag; in fact there isn’t a clearing in place at any of the next 2 or 3 places that we intend to stop so it will be the Q flag for a while. We aren’t going to stop on the Venezuelan main land which I think is a shame as I would have liked to do some of the inland tours but as we are on a time limit and our travel companions are a bit nervous about being on a USA registered boat (the US is not greatly liked in Venezuela) we have decided to only stop on the outer islands on our way through to Bonaire. Whilst Gerry was gone I ran the water maker to top up our tanks, made a dessert for the evening meal and then as I sat down to read my book he reappeared. The coast guard had apparently been very pleasant to them all, took our details down for his log and that was it. Gerry spent the rest of the day trying to load some charts on to the computer, it was one of those occasions when it was best not to go anywhere near him nor to ask him how it was going unless you wanted your head bitten off. He did eventually succeed but the language would have made any sailor blush. I spent the day vacuuming, washing down the inside of the boat and then polishing the wood – it was a job that needed doing as the blue dust from the paint we had removed was everywhere, even in places that you would never have expected it to be able to get into. We had a visit from Lorie to make sure that we were going to be OK to have dinner around 17.00hrs on their boat; any time I don’t have to cook is good – I can’t imagine why she had to check! Gerry had a brief nap before we loaded a bag with rum punch, some hors d’oeuvres and the dessert I had made and made our way to Gypsy Palace. Dale and Lorie had been saving a prime rib roast for the occasion and we had a wonderful Easter dinner, I think it will be a while until we have such a good bit of beef again. We watched the sun go down and then we dinked back to our own boat for the night.
Photo from the camera of Gypsy Palace



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