Monday, April 02, 2007

Saturday 31st March

Tyrrel Bay

12 27.328 N
61 29.291 W

Gerry went to the yard about an hour before me, when I arrived I was surprised to see 2 of the yard workers scrapping the hull alongside Gerry. It didn’t last long, about half an hour after I arrived and joined in they were called away to haul a boat out of the water and that was the last we saw of them. All day Gerry and I continued to chip away at the paint, it’s like eating an elephant – you just have to do it small bits at regularly paced intervals (I’m beginning to think that eating an elephant would be easier!). I emptied our boat freezer and carted everything to the chalet where I made good use of the freezer part of the fridge, it was the ideal opportunity to defrost and clean out our boat’s freezer. We actually stopped for lunch today and went across to the yacht club and ordered sandwiches and chips; we sat out under the haus wind / tikki hut/ pagoda, as we didn’t want to leave our blue marks on everything in the yacht club. As we were just about finished with lunch Dale joined us and spent the next hour or so scrapping paint with us. He had been cleaning the bottom of his boat and had a headache which wouldn’t go away so eventually he gave in and returned to his boat for medication and a sleep. I had invited Dale and Lorie to join us for dinner that night so I put a crock pot meal of beef bourguignon on to fester in the morning, by the time we quit chipping paint at 16.00hrs the smell from the kitchen was making me feel hungry. After having a shower and trying to make ourselves look human again I threw together a dessert, cooked up some rice and dinner was ready. Dale and Lorie joined us, bringing salad and ice creams, we struggled to find that little bit of extra space in the freezer for the ice creams but we managed. We ended up eating the dessert I made so we have ice cream in the freezer for next time. Dinner and dishes done it was time to go to bed, we were all exhausted.



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