Monday, April 02, 2007

Wednesday 28th March

Tyrrel Bay

12 27.328 N
61 29.291 W

This was to be our last day “on the water” for a while. We had organized for our boat to go up on the hard first thing on Thursday morning. Gerry took off to the boat yard as soon as it was open to triple check the arrangements for the next day. Whilst he was gone I fiddled about doing a bit of laundry – we had run out of underwear so I had to do something! When he returned Gerry went straight on the computer to find an internet connection. The boat yard has a free WIFI connection so we signed up and then between the 2 of us I think we spent most of the day on the computer. Gerry answering his emails and me trying to load the blog and photos. I was successful at loading the text but when it came to the photos I just couldn’t get them to load, they would have to wait for another day. I had invited Dale and Lorie to dinner on our boat for the last time in a week so I spent the afternoon preparing food whilst Gerry got his beauty sleep (you’d think he’d be beautiful by now with all the afternoon naps he has wouldn’t you?)
Anyway around 18.00hrs we got ready to repel boarders, Dale and Lorie arrived for dinner and we had a pleasant evening. Lorie was a bit miffed that they hadn’t received the photos from Mike of the re- naming of his boat, Loose Cannon. They were great by the way Mike, wish we could have been there, she’s looking really good. We discussed the internet connection and I was relieved to hear that Lorie had also had difficulty loading photos (hers wouldn’t load either) so we are both going to be trying again tomorrow. After we had eaten our fill, drunk not nearly enough and put the world to rights it was time for Dale and Lorie to return to the Palace and for us to do the dishes and then go to bed, we had an early start ahead of us.



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