Saturday, March 03, 2007

Friday 2nd March

(French) Simpson Bay Lagoon
St. Martin

18 02.683 N
63 05.508 W

An extremely quiet day today, Lorie and Dale had invited the people from their sister boat for a return visit at cocktail hour so they were going to spend the day evicting spiders and chasing dust bunnies from under every surface. I woke up feeling a bit under the weather with aches and pains similar to the onset of a cold so stayed in bed until an indecent hour. Gerry took off in the dink to get some anti foul paint from Budget Marine and to fill our jerry cans with fuel; he also took the trash with him. By the time he returned I had started to make some savoury profiteroles for cocktail hour on Gypsy Palace. I helped Gerry to haul the paint and fuel on board and then we spent a good deal of time deciding the best place to store the paint – it is extremely heavy and really needs to be as low down in the boat as possible. Eventually I suggested that he empty his tool locker and put them into a cupboard and store the paint in the tool locker, it turned out to be the ideal place and we soon had all the floorboards screwed back into place and cupboards reorganized. I finished making the cocktail savouries and then it was time for a short nap before heading over to Gypsy Palace to meet Dale and Lorie’s new acquaintances. We spent a couple of hours chatting about how we all came to be in St Martin and what our plans were. The new friends had to leave in time for dinner but Gerry and I stayed with Dale and Lorie and learnt how to play Mexican train dominos, it was basically a variation on regular dominos played with a set of double twelves, I think we picked up the game pretty quickly but I feel sure that Dale and Lorie are making up more rules as they go along! After 3 hands (?) we packed away the dominos and headed back to our boat for an early night.



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