Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tuesday 25th Septmeber


18 07.331 S
178 25.470 E

Yes we are still here and we woke up to glorious sun shine this morning. First thing today we went to the machine shop – everything was supposed to be ready for assembling today. Gerry went in whilst I waited in the car, about 45 minutes later he appeared and said I might as well go off and do something whilst he stayed to “help” them. Things weren’t looking good if he was going to help! I took off and spent the next hour and a half searching for some new fishing lures without any luck, the parking was difficult in town and I couldn’t find the shop that we had seen on a previous drive by. When I returned to the machine shop the frame still wasn’t quite right and I felt that I was rescuing them from Gerry’s wrath by taking him away for lunch. We went back to town and to the café we had found a couple of days ago – the bad dog where we had a delicious pizza for lunch. Whilst we were eating it began to pour with rain – who ordered rain it wasn’t us! Our next stop was the internet café – just to get our daily fix of email and internet then it was time to return and see if the frame was ready. Well it was ready but not quite right; Gerry waved his arms about and suggested things they should do - a few more adjustments had to be made so we made ourselves scarce whilst the guys did the work. Eventually we returned to the shop and the frame appears to be done, the fitting it to the casing will be our next obstacle but that will be on the boat so the guys in the shop won’t hear the names that they will be called. We loaded the entire generator back into the car and took it back to the dock. For once the gods were smiling on us as the rain had stopped and the tide was at its high point, making it as easy as possible for us to transfer the generator into the dinghy and then from the dinghy onto our boat (it weighs enough to cause a back injury if everything isn’t just so) . Anyway the good news is that all the parts are now back on the boat awaiting reassembly tomorrow. The bad news is that the screw holes for the frame don’t line up with the previous ones; I’m going to make myself very scarce tomorrow by going off and doing the grocery shopping whilst Gerry reassembles the generator! We decided that we needed to go ashore for a drink and some food at the Wok on the water before returning to the boat and retiring to bed.



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