Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tuesday 18th September


18 07.331 S
178 25.470 E

The rest of the night passed with neither of us getting much sleep, we were both too excited at the thought that the passage was over. We finally dropped the main in the early hours just before dawn as it was flapping around and really not doing very much to help us along and for the last part of the journey we motored. Of note was the sunrise, the sky was full of cloud and as the sun came up behind them a circular rainbow formed which was something neither of us have ever seen before, my photo doesn’t do it justice but I tried!

We motored into the harbour in between the rain bursts and dropped our anchor amongst the boats there (we were the spectator sport for all of 5 minutes with everyone watching us anchor; but as we did a brilliant job of setting the anchor first time we weren’t much fun to keep watching!). Once the anchor was down and everything switched off and stashed away we got the dink off the foredeck and readied it for going ashore. A huge cooked breakfast was the order of the day followed by a hot shower and then Gerry took off ashore to clear us in and hire a car whilst I did some fridge cleaning, laundry gathering, cleaning and re organizing of the lockers. I had just begun to type up the blog notes when Gerry finally reappeared (having been gone for nearly 4.5hrs) We caught up with information and then Gerry had a sleep whilst I finished typing these notes. The lack of sleep during our short passage had finally caught up with Gerry, I had to wake him up in order to go and have dinner. We dinked into the yacht club where there is a restaurant called Wok by the water – serves Chinese food incase you didn’t guess. We ate our fill, chatted with a couple who were just picking up there boat, having left it here for a few months and finally when it all became too much we dinked back out to our boat for an early night.



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