Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wednesday 22nd August

Cook Islands

21 12.295 S
159 47.091 W

Today we had the car for a final couple of hours and had to get everything requiring transport done as soon as possible. I had a little business to attend to whilst Gerry and Abigail went and checked out, took the laundry to be done, filled up the fuel jerry cans, bought the chicken breasts that we couldn’t find yesterday and then returned the car to the hire depot. We all met back up on the boat and had lunch together. My afternoon was spent cooking up some meals for our forth coming trip. Abigail split her time between helping me and helping Gerry who ran hoses across the dock to fill our water tanks – it took some time and a lot of patience! By 16.00hrs we had finished with the cooking and were full with water and fuel – it was time for a nap. We decided to go cheap for dinner and went ashore to a fish and chip shop, it turned out that it wasn’t so cheap but at least there were no dishes to do at the end of it. Following dinner I typed up the blog notes whilst Gerry and Abigail read. We are now one of just two boats left here at the dock, all the others have taken off and are on their way to Niue, we plan to join the flotilla tomorrow, once I have loaded the blog and checked our email (not early!).



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