Thursday, July 05, 2007

Monday 2nd July

At Sea

5 28.296 S
116 55.328 W (at Midnight)

By the time morning arrived we were tired and irritable, it was going to be one of the days when we slept as much as possible during the day to catch up with the sleep we lost at night.
As it turned out we didn’t do too well during the day either as the winds howled and the swell became faster and bigger. Of note for the day was the fact that we established a couple of records; the first was that we finally cracked the 10 knots of speed – we had the boat flash up to 10.5 knots – we were surfing the waves like you wouldn’t believe! Our second record only became apparent at midnight when I complete the log for the day – we had traveled 175 miles today – the most we have managed to date but we are hopeful that we can break that record sometime soon. We only had one small problem today that was the telescoping whisker pole decided to collapse inwards. It remained attached to the jib but reduced the amount of sail that it was holding out, allowing the rest to flap. We had to then furl in part of the jib and then re extend the pole, reattach it to the jib and unfurl the jib again. The telescoping pole is a stupid idea as far as I’m concerned, we should have bought a rigid pole in hindsight (isn’t that just a wonderful thing!).
Nothing else of note occurred and we continued to hold our watches, keep the radio schedules, sleep when we could and carryout things like making water when the rolling allowed us to. We just hope that tomorrow brings better conditions.



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