Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Sunday 1st July

At Sea
5 29.381 S
114 05.123 W (at Midnight)

I came on deck for my last night shift with a splitting headache – there was a change in the atmospheric pressure not that I cared! It poured with rain and then the sun appeared. The wind was 15 knots out of the East – not what had been predicted; it eventually turned slightly South but not really enough to let us make decent speed in the right direction though we have been managing to claw back some of the cross track error (it got up to 46 miles). The swell continued to build during the morning ending up at about 10 foot. I took some analgesics and went back to bed after breakfast to try and get rid of the headache only to be dragged out again at 09.30hrs because the fish alarm had gone off. I made it on deck in time to see Gerry reel in the line – minus the hook and our now infamous fluro green lure – I was gutted, it was our last lure, there will be no more fish for dinner until we can get some more lures, hopefully in the Marquesas. As I was now up Gerry went and ran the water maker whilst I babysat George. The rest of the day passed uneventfully with us hurtling along at nose bleed inducing speed, we just couldn’t crack the 10 knot mark though, 9.9 was our top speed for the day.
Again it was a “nothing day” – no ships ( for the 8th day in a row), no dolphins, no whales, no fish and no green flash, in fact it was hardly a sun set as the sun went down below a load of clouds. Night watches began and we both had “busy” watches trying to keep the boat on track and not rolling around too much despite the increasing winds over night.



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