Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wfdnesday 20th June

Puerto Ayora
Isla Santa Cruz, Galapagos Islands.

0 44.914 S
90 18.417 W

Yes we are still here; I just hope that immigration isn’t too concerned about which day we leave! Gerry took off ashore with Barry to try and sort out the fuel pump problem that seems to be the reason that Barry’s generator isn’t working. I stayed on board as I wanted to make up some “instant meals” for the trip. We have found that there are times when it is good to have something that only needs to be heated up rather than cooked from scratch and I made a couple of loads of curry, a couple of loads of chicken a la king, 2 meat loaves, some potato salad and some curried egg sandwich spread. I also prepared the snack box, chopped up the pineapple and filled our water containers for the trip. We are just about ready to leave. Gerry returned and fiddled with the computer until lunch then he went for a siesta whilst I typed up the blog notes. We are going ashore for our last dinner here – at a restaurant that is opening tonight, buying some bread and eggs and fingers crossed we will be leaving here in the morning, as long as we can get the stern anchor up!



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