Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Monday 18th June

Puerto Ayora
Isla Santa Cruz, Galapagos Islands.

0 44.914 S
90 18.417 W

A normal routine sort of day today. After eating breakfast we spoke to Abigail, ran the generator (not a hiccough to be heard) ran the water maker and then gathered up the laundry. We called for a taxi and took ourselves, the laundry and the laptop into town. After dropping off the laundry we hooked up our computer at the internet café and did some banking – isn’t it amazing that even in a far flung place like here you can still pay the wretched bills by the touch of a few computer keys? Then it was time for a coffee rapidly followed by an early lunch. I wanted to buy a couple more bits from the craft co op so we did a quick detour there on our way back to the boat, we also stopped to chat with Barry for a while, he was eating alone as Mags had gone diving for the morning. We stopped in at the grocery store for some soft drink on the return trip, unfortunately they don’t sell cans here and we ended up buying the large plastic bottles, there was also no diet coke so we will be limiting the regular coke that we had to buy. Back on the boat Gerry emptied out the transom lockers to see if they were wet, happily they weren’t but the air in them won’t hurt. I did some mending and replace the seat covers that had been off drying out and then it was siesta time. Gerry slept whilst I did some sewing – yes I finally got the stitching out! Around 17.00hrs we went back into town to collect our laundry and from there went to a café for an early dinner. Returning to the boat we decided it was time to put another Black Adder video on. Not the most exciting day but at least it didn’t rain and we are in a safe anchorage.



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