Thursday, May 24, 2007

Wednesday 23rd May


9 20.716 N
79 54.555 W

Another day of hurry up and waiting. The sun came out early in the morning making the whole place hot and steamy. We stayed onboard all day, reading books, playing computer games and relaxing. Gerry got the urge to “do something” and changed the engine oil, this totally exhausted him as he then went to bed for a couple of hours in the afternoon. Enrique appeared when Gerry was sleeping, he had brought the 4 lines down to the boat for us. The best thing was the news that we were going to be transiting the canal on Saturday 26th and of that didn’t work out then it would be Sunday 27th – we just have to wait for the word! I found a new game to play on the computer – music trivia; it’s the computerised version of “guess that tune” or in this case guess the artist. Gerry and I both knew a lot of the records but sometimes the artists came as a surprise to us both, anyway it was fun to play it for a while. We managed to have a chat with our daughter today which was lovely, it will be great to have her with us for a while in the Pacific – when we eventually get there. Our nearest neighbour was due to transit the canal today and we were surprised to find that they hadn’t left by the time we were heading to the bar for happy hour. When we asked what had happened they told us that their transit time was 19.00hrs, this came as a surprise to us as we thought the time from this end was always 16.00hrs. It was pouring with rain by this time and we wondered if that was the cause for the later departure, but apparently not, this is just one of the regular time slots. I hope we get to leave at 16.00hrs as leaving later means that you arrive at the lake in the middle of the canal where you moor for the night in darkness. Anyway we went off to the bar where we met up with an English lady who invited us along to dinner with her and an American people off of another boat; they were going to the Chinese restaurant in town. We went in taxis, shared a set course meal and then came back in taxis. The meal was OK, but to be honest the Chinese food at the club was equally as good, still it made a good night out and we enjoyed the company of some new people. When we returned to the dock our neighbour had gone and there was a new boat in his place. Once back on board we quickly settled in for the night with the rain still beating down on Panama filling the canal.



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