Saturday, May 19, 2007

Tuesday 15th May


10 24.735 N
75 32.607 W

Today was to be our last day in Cartagena. Gerry took off early in the morning to go and collect our purchases from the old city that would be ready this morning. I rounded up the last of the laundry and bagged it up ready to hit the Laundromat when he returned. Almost as soon as Gerry reappeared he jumped back in the dink and headed into the dock where he handed in the laundry, collected our passports from the agent and then went to pay our bill at the club. Whilst Gerry was away doing the “important stuff” I began cooking up some ready to eat meals plus some salads to have ready for the trip, it’s much easier on me to have some things ready to eat than to try and cook if we are rolling around or pitching badly. By the time all these things were sorted out it was early afternoon and we still hadn’t had any lunch, Gerry thought I needed a break from the kitchen so he suggested that we go in the supermarket and get something to eat in the café there, I wasn’t going to say no and we took off in the dink for the dock. The supermarket is just a short distance to walk and we were soon picking out some rolls and a drink. Incase I haven’t mentioned it before the supermarket is excellent; it has almost everything that you need including an ATM inside the store. We took out some cash and proceeded to fill a shopping basket with a few essential supplies, there would have been a whole lot more except Gerry pointed out that it was now 10 minutes before 15.00hrs and we were meant to be meeting the guy who had made our new cushion covers at 15.00hrs at the club so I had to curtail my shopping spree. We quickly paid and made our way back to the club where we found the guy waiting for us – he was on time for a change! The cushion covers were done and we were quite pleased with them even though they weren’t the colour we had originally wanted. We paid the residual on the agreed price and Gerry took off out to our boat with the cushions and the shopping, returning a short while later with the computer – he wanted to check out the weather for the millionth time! I stayed at the club and chatted to a few of our neighbours until he returned. Once Gerry had checked out the weather (it was still good to go in the morning), we returned to our boat to finish bagging up the pre cooked meals and to pack away our freshly laundered clothing. We decided to join the rest of the crews for a last dinner in the club before saying good bye to them and heading out to our boat for the night. We weren’t leaving too early in the morning so we just hoisted the dink onto the davits for the night; the tying down of everything would be done the next morning.



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